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Step 1: Apply for your authorisation code 

  First, complete the Visa application form, which you can download from here. You need to send the completed form followed by a scanned copy of your Passport + one Passport photo to our visa team Email or click here to submit your form and copy of your passport online(for you to submit your Visa request in easier way, we designed an online application which you can submit all your details and copy of your passport in couple of minutes and we can Apply for your authorisation Code).

For American (U.S), Canadian and British passport holders only, all Iran authorisation code applications must be accompanied with a detailed resume.

Our Visa team in ISTO will submit your application forms to the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Visa authorisation codes generally take up to maximum of 10 working days depending on your nationality (this can be much longer for Canadian, British and American citizens, who also require their fingerprints to be taken at the Iranian embassy).


Step 2: Get your tourist visa stamp 

Once you have received your authorisation code and letter from our visa team, you can then apply for the visa from your local Iranian consulate, to be issued in your passport.

In your local Iranian consulate you will need to provide your passport, the visa fee, 2 passport photos and insurance policy.

Some consulates may have different requirements.

You must check this before submitting your application.

  • Visa Process Fee (Payable to the travel agency to get your authorisation code)

  • The visa process fee is different for each nationality. You can find out the amount you must pay, by emailing us to: 

  • The processing fee is non-refundable regardless of the outcome of the application or if you withdraw the application after submission.

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