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Hiking in Iran

(12 days 11 nights)
Hiking in Iran

A wonderful trip with hiking and trekking for discovering classic Persia in a slow mode and visiting uncommon place.

... - Iran

Arrival in Tehran and transfer to the hotel

Tehran - Shahr-e Rey

Urban hiking

Breakfast and meeting with the guide;
Visit of the historical bazaar center, and the imperial palace of the Golestān, depending on the days of the week you can add other sites, all completely on foot;
Lunch in a traditional restaurant.
After lunch, departure by subway to reach the city of Rey, the route in the city will take place on foot alternating with small treks to visit the ruins of the ancient temple of fire, in the center we will visit the Mausoleum of Shāh-Abdol-Azim, a important Shiite religious center, the funeral tower of Toghrol, and the sources of Cheshm Ali;
Free dinner and overnight stay.

Tehran North - Kashan

Urban Hiking in Tehran

breakfast, luggage transfer by bus;
Departure by subway to reach Tajrish square, capital of the Shemiran region, at the time a town and currently incorporated into the metropolis of Tehran;
From this square we will visit the palace of Sa’ad Ābād, residence of the last Shāh Qajar Ahmad Shāh and of Rezā Khān Pahlavi;
After the visit of the fast lunch complex, and departure on foot to Niāvarān square to visit the palace: former summer residence in the qajara era and last palace of the Persian Empire;
Departure by private bus towards Kāshān, if time and traffic allow a quick visit to the Āzādi Tower, symbol of Tehran, built for the 2500 years of the Persian Empire.
Overnight in Kāshān

Kashan - Abyane - Natanz - Esfahan

Trekking in Abyane

After breakfast we will visit the center of Kāshān: the Bazar, one of the historic villas (Borujediha), the ancient hamam Soltān and the wonderful Garden of Fin;
After a short lunch we will leave for Abyane: seasonal destination until March we can do other activities in the desert;
This ancient village perched on Mount Karkas is entirely built with red bricks, it is unique from the architectural, linguistic, cultural and natural point of view in all of Iran: a walk through the alleys will be carried out, visiting the mausoleum and the two fortresses , up to enter in the middle of nature with a small trek up to the Temple of Fire in Hinzā.
Back on the bus we will visit the town of Natanz and then arrive in Esfahān;
Free dinner and overnight stay.


Urban hiking

The day will be entirely dedicated to this beautiful city, completely on foot;
We will start by visiting the Friday Mousque, one of the oldest in the nation, up to the palace of Chehel-Sotun, formerly the palace of the Shah;
After the palace we will visit the beautiful square of Naqsh- and Jahān, main attraction of the city and of all Iran, in relaxation and tranquility, having lunch, we will visit the Bazar-e Qeysarie, the two mosques, and the palace of Āli Qāpu;
Always walking, you will reach the Si or Se Pol bridge, the bridge of the 33 arches, one of the symbols of the city;
The last thing you will see is the other bridge: the Khāju bridge, an architectural and historical point of view;
Dinner and free evening for the square;

Esfahan - Naiin - Anarak

Trekking on the desert

Early morning departure by bus to visit the Armenian quarter of Jolfā of Esfahān and the Vānk cathedral;
We leave for Nāiin town on the edge of the Dasht-e Kavir desert, here we will admire the architecture of desert cities by visiting the Friday mosque;
After lunch we depart to Anārak a small village in the middle of the desert, starting point to visit the village of Chupānān and for a walk in the rocky desert of Rig-e Jen;
Free dinner and overnight stay;

Anarak -- Ardakan - Yazd

Small visit to the village of Anārak with its wind towers;
Departure and visit to the historic center of Ardakān
Arrived in Yazd they will leave their bags at the hotel and then take a quiet afternoon on foot through the historic center, arriving at the unique Friday mosque of its kind, with Iran's highest vaulted entrance, it will end after crossing the bazaar and the alleys in Amir Chakhmāq square to see a representation in the Zurkhāne, a traditional gyms.
Free dinner and an overnight stay in hotel;

Yazd -- Meybod - Zarrin Desert - Abarkuh

Trekking in Rig-e Zarrin, Kharanaq

Early departure to visit the Zoroastrian Fire Temple and the Towers of Silence, where the history of the most ancient monotheistic religion still practiced will be explained;
The historic center of Meybod, starting point for our trek. In the city we will visit the fortress, the ancient glacier, one of the best preserved in the country, and a typical dovecote;
The first excursion to visit the Chak Chak Fire Temple, a very important pilgrimage site for the Zoroastrians, perched on a mountain but reachable with a short climb;
Arrival in Kharānaq and lunch inside the caravanserai;
Visit to the abandoned village of Kharānaq, a beautiful abandoned mud village, explore with your guide the entire town that has remained standing, paying close attention.
The last trip will be in the desert of Zarrin, sandy desert with dunes and mountains we will leave from Maghestān up to Rig-e Zarrin.
After this long day we arrive in Abarkuh, for dinner and overnight stay;

Abarkuh -- Persepolis - Shiraz

Early breakfast;
Before leaving for Shirāz we will visit the pretty one town of Abarkuh;
Departure and visit to the site of Pasardgad, the tomb of Cyrus;

lunch or on the way;
Visit to the archaeological site of Naghsh-e Rostām, with the tomb of Darius, one of the most important emperors of the Persian Empire;
Departure and visit to the Persepolis site, walking among the ruins of the ancient Achaemenid capital, for those interested in archeology it is possible to visit the museum inside;
Arrival in Shirāz, free dinner and overnight stay;


The morning will be dedicated to visiting the historic center of Shirāz, the cultural capital of Iran, we will visit the main sites and the Bāzār-e Vakil;
Visit to the village of Qalāt a small stone village near the city;
Free dinner and overnight stay

Shiraz -- Tehran -- IKA

last visit to the city;
Transfer to the airport for the flight with Tehrān;
Once in Tehran Mehr Ābād, greet the Iranian guide and transfer to Tehran Int IKA Airport, IBIS hotel, to rest before returning to Italy.

Iran -- ...

depending on the flight schedule, check-in and departure for your country.

The fee includes:

• Overnight in 4/5 * BB hotels
• FB treatment
• Private transport by mini van with beverage
• Scheduled trips and excursions
• Local Iranian expert in EN language

• Full Board
• € 80 fee for airport visa

• Fly Teh-Syz
• Scheduled entrance fees for museums and attractions
• Health insurance
• Reference number seen at the airport

The fee DOES NOT include:

• International fly to Tehran A / R ticket
• Unscheduled dinners and lunches
• Unscheduled activities and museums
• Cancellation and baggage insurance
• Tips
• Everything that is not included in the fee

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