Cultural  trips

A trip to Iran is a unique experience leaving every tourist with lasting memories. Iran is a developing country with deep roots in its past and we hope through the tours we have designed, you will get to know all spheres of our beautiful country, including historical, cultural and social experiences.



Prepared to be charmed by the middle Eastern Architecture and the human genius behind all these striking aesthetical structures. Iran's architecture has achieved its own distinct vernacular reflecting the needs of the society, traditions and available resources. You will be interested to see an architecture style that has adapted to the climate (hot and dry)with  domes, towers, windcatchers and  adobe structures, in desert cities like Kashan, Yazd, Nain, Esfahan and Kerman. In addition, to the great precision when considering the construction of these majestic structures the vibrant colour add to the charisma of the architecture. 

Persian Blue is the national colour in Iranian History. Its use is rich in Iran's architecture especially in Imam Mosque in Esfahan’s main square Naqsh-e Jahan. Interestingly, Esfahan is a town twinned with Florence from an architectural perspective.




Caravanserais A good part of the trip will be devoted to the Iranian plateau, along the silk and spice roads. which is traditionally the main trade route between Europe and Asia. You will visit citadels, cisterns and wind towers (natural air conditioners), Zoroastrian fire temples, beautiful ancient mosques, underground channels and beautiful caravanserais.



The Hammams (Public Baths)

Public bathhouses are an ancient tradition in Iran. They promoted hygiene and public health as well as providing an environment where people could relax and socialize (gossip). Although their use for bathing has died down, they continue to provide a ceremonial role, especially for parties and bridal preparation. 


The Madrasas

Old cultural poles like Madrasas welcomed masters and students of Jurisprudence, the philosophy, the Qur'an and ethics and mathematics, physics, astronomy.


The Bazaars

The Bazaars are a asult on all the senses. They are visually beautiful, with aromas of every spice possible. Persian carpets drape the walls and ceiling making it impossible to walk through the bazaar without feeling an variety of textures. The sound of craftsmen  working echoes around  the bazaar offering you the chance to visit artisan workshops and See other crafts such as miniature, marquetry,
metalwork, printed fabrics and ceramics. 

A variety of local products such as pistachios, spices, saffron, sweets, rose water, fruits and famous dates of Bam are available to buy and taste. A great gift or keepsake to take back to bring a Little piece of Iran home with you.


Persian garden

The Persian Garden, famous throughout the Islamic world, has its roots in ancient Persia. The concept of Pardis (Paradise) dates back to the pre-Islamic period: it is a great reward given by the God "Ahura Mazda"to believers. The Garden of Heaven is a great spiritual space, marked by springs of water, with sweet fruit, with flowers and scents and the song of birds: an immortal garden.

In Persian gardens there is a link between heaven

and earth, between God and man.

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