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Design your itinerary

Design your itinerary

You can suggest to us your itinerary

Iranian Sebt Tour is happy to cater for all your requests, we think the journey is a unique experience and we are ready to solve all the risks of customizing your itinerary.
Iran is a big country, which in addition to the classic cities can also offer unique experiences such as trekking and nature, as well as having experiences with the locals.

You can safely request by email to our agency, providing:
- Arrival and departure dates (or for how many days you want to stay)
- Cities to visit
- Storytelling, or the mood you want to give to your journey, adventure, deserts, sea, religions, archeology
- Sustainability, if you want to add to your itinerary a visit to local companies such as the collection of roses in Qarmsar in May
- Type of accommodation: we provide to satisfy every hotel request
- Transport, any request for public or private transport
- for individuals or groups
- Guide, in all European languages ​​but with the possibility of having a paper one.

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